Poporo Chiquito

A Poporo is a device used by indigenous cultures in present and pre-Columbian South America for storage of small amounts of lime mineral. It is constituted by two pieces: the receptacle, and the lid, which includes a pin that is used to carry the lime to the mouth while chewing coca leaves. Since the chewing of coca is sacred for the indigenous people, the poporos are also attributed with mystical powers and social status.

This anthropomorphous Poporo embodies a shaman with a bird a top his head holding swindling spirals of eternity. This depiction demonstrates the Shaman's specialization in directing trance experiences or "flights" - visiting the spiritual realm to attain specific goals.  These beautifully crafted poporos, or lime containers, played a central role in enabling spiritual quests: they induced the necessary state to communicate with ancestors in the spiritual realm for long periods of time without food or sleep.

4.2"H 1.2"W

24K Gold Plated Poporo

Pre-Columbian Figures