Luz Maria Sampedro

Born with 5 planets aligned in Capricorn on my second house I have always been interested in archaeology, human behavior and endeavor in spiritual evolution.

     At the age of fourteen my widowed mother opened a quaint store in Bogotá where we sold handcrafts made by the indigenous people of Colombia. After school I would go to our store, “Muiscas”, to help, hang out in the vicinity, or even study a little bit. I was fascinated by the small figures coated in gold!  I always wore my Tayrona frog, unknowingly cultivating my intrigue for the faces and attitudes of zoomorphus and anthropomorphic figures around.

     Many years later after fulfilling different milestones - being happily married, having three children, becoming the manager of my own store, "Home Audio Video and Automation", and living in the tranquility of my home in USA -  am now launching LUMA GOLD.  

     Immersed in many books from the Gold Museum and in several webpages about archaeological findings from 1600BC through 1600AC in my territory, I have experienced my country’s history and would like to share the wonders of our ancestors. Their rituals: to acquire the skills of animals surrounding them or to better become like their God Sun, and their constant interpretation of the after life.  I want to exhibit and allow the world to capture a symbol of Colombia’s cultural memory.