Bat-Man Pectoral Figure

During the Tayrona period in Colombia (900 - 1600 AD), images depict shamans capable of demonstrating their power through their ability to transform themselves into different beings and taking on the qualities of those beings: boldness, strength, sharp eyesight, or the ability to fly. Transformation had to be a process under the effect of psychotropic substances, exhausting ritual dances, fasting and other privations typical of the shaman trade. His spirit could then travel through unknown regions of the cosmos and acquire powers and knowledge which were inaccessible to other members of the community.

The most emblematic of this representations was that of the bat-man. Our striking Pre-Columbian Figure shows how the shaman's attire consisted of visors with extensions that simulated bat ears, the winged membranes, a double cylindrical nose ring, sublabial ornaments and a splendid diadem.

7"W 2"L 6.5"H

24K Gold Plated Statue

Pre-Columbian Figure