Constellation Noserings

On their arrival to the broad plains of the region of the Zenu civilization of Colombia, the Spaniards observed "great quantities of piles of earth" on the outskirts of town, where the Indians said there were graves and "all of them had gold". In fact, they were mound cemeteries from where wrought gold began to be dug out - in quantities enough to support the governorship of Cartagena for a long time. The Spaniards barely noticed the other astonishing accomplishments of the ancient inhabitants of these hot lands. High quality gold abounds in the art of the Caribbean plains or Andean mountains, it was not a limited resource.   

Halfmoon-shaped nose rings are the repeated element of this splendid necklace, which demonstrates the abundance of the Pre-Hispanic gold source in Colombia.


24K Gold Plated Neckace: Nose Rings Constellation

Pre-Columbian Ethnic Jewelry